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Twitter is a free social networking site where Westlake Village business users can send and read messages that are known as tweets.

Tweets are nothing more than posts that don’t exceed 140 characters and are shown on your profile page. 

The tweets are sent to people who have elected to become one of your followers. You can decide whether delivery is to your circle of friends or open to the Twitter community at large. 

Registered users can send and receive tweets at the Twitter site using Twitter’s Short Message Service or (SMS). There is also the possibility to use certain external apps for tweeting. 

Twitter has been growing by leaps and bounds as celebrities, businesses, news networks, politicians and advertisers have been learning the power of integrating Twitter into their plans to reach targeted audiences.

So much so, that if Twitter were a country it would rank as one of the world’s eight largest !

If you haven’t yet started harnessing the power of Twitter for your business, why haven’t you?

If you want to start using Twitter, just sign up !

Our professional team can help you harness the power of this powerful tool for your Westlake Village business starting today.

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