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Malibu is a wealthy city in Los Angeles Cty and is geographically about 27 miles in length, running along the Pacific Ocean on Hwy 101.

Malibu has been the subject of many movies and advertisements and in many ways is a marketing mecca. Greenpoint marketing appreciates the unique value of Malibu’s locale and history when designing an online marketing campaign

Malibu is known as a residential beach community, home to movie and television stars, entrepreneurs and  business executives.

Malibu is famous worldwide for it’s beaches: namely Zuma Beach which is almost a direct line to Westlake Village,  Leo Carrillo, Malibu State Beach, Topanga State Beach, Surfrider Beach  and others, part of the park system.. 

Malibu is near the Santa Monica Mountains and is south of Ventura and Santa Barbara.. If you travel inland about 8 miles you will reach the city of Westlake Village and Greenpoint Marketing.

Like much of southern California, Malibu was originally settled by Native American Indians and was visited by Spanish explorers and missionaries. Malibu became a city in 1991 for governing purposes after having been an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County for many years.

Nature has challenged Malibu at times with mudslides being a major problem that has closed the famous coastal route, the Pacific Coast Highway, at times, shuttering homes and wracking some havoc on local businesses, especially a nursery famous for it’s local plants and landscape supplies.

Malibu boasts an excellent climate, and it is not surprising that Malibu residents select Malibu as their home because of the proximity to Los Angeles, Westlake Village, the beach and the climate.

It is a community with the homes of celebrities hidden in canyons and atop bluffs. While you may not see their homes, go shopping or stop for a meal in one of the many Malibu beachside eateries and it is common to spot and chat with local celebs. A few famous residents include Mel Gibson, Ryan O’Neal, Martin Sheen and others too many to mention. Malibu, along with Beverly Hills is perhaps the locale of choice to set down roots for celebrities.

But there is more to Malibu than stardom. Pepperdine University sits atop hills and bluffs in one of the most beautiful settings overlooking the Pacific Ocean from any spot in Malibu. Pepperdine University has both undergraduate and graduate schools of note plus the world class Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu.

Greenpoint Marketing is an internet marketing consultant providing creative results oriented marketing consultant services to Malibu business, and a variety of non profit orgs with an emphasis on Malibu internet marketing

Malibu is within 30 minutes of the Conejo Valley, with Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Agoura, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Ventu Park. Another nearby community is Calabasas, also known for it’s appeal as a bedroom community to movie stars.

Malibu is a charming beachfront community city with one of as kind shops, restaurants and cafes that are also close Malibu schools and residential areas. Many  residents live in Malibu but work at the entertainment studios or businesses in Hollywood, Burbank or Los Angeles. Some commute to Westlake Village.

The Malibu economy has a unique and vibrant business community.

Greenpoint Marketing, a premier Westlake Village marketing consultant, is available in Malibu to consult with select clients in Malibu needing an internet marketing consulting, to increase sales, clients and customers in Malibu.

Businesses and organizations that can benefit from a consultation with Greenpoint Marketing include  Malibu day spa owners, Malibu estheticians, Malibu new business, Malibu entertainment ,  Malibu retail, Malibu. retailers, Malibu professional practices, Malibu. dentist, Malibu  lawyers, Malibu doctors, Malibu plastic surgeon,  Malibu healthcare,  Malibu beauty salon owners,  Malibu. hairstylists, Malibu restaurants, Malibu. pizza,  Malibu. MDs, Malibu dentists, Malibu accountants,  Malibu. CPAs,  Malibu insurance executives, Malibu jewelers, Malibu artists, Malibu automobile dealers and  Malibu car dealer, Malibu sales plus many others needing marketing in Malibu.

Many professionals choose Malibu and Westlake  Village such as their business home  because of the  short drive to Los Angeles,

Other communities near Malibu are Agoura Hills, Agoura, Simi Valley, Woodland Hills, Oxnard, Ventura, Newbury Park, Camarillo, and  Hidden Hills. Greenpoint Marketing provides professional marketing consulting and internet marketing consultant services in all of these cities

Ventura is about a 30 minutes north of Malibu by way of the 101 freeway.

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